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Adria bonus d.o.o. offers its clients a wide range of quality and reliable accounting as well as financial and administrative services. We establish business cooperation with all businesses and nonprofit organisations.


  • Keeping records of incoming / outgoing invoices, general ledger
  • Keeping counter records
  • Keeping records of tangible and intangible fixed assets, small inventory
  • Depreciation accounts
  • Monitoring and recording of retail and wholesale business
  • Coordinating and managing the balance books of suppliers and buyers
  • Record-keeping and tax compliance obligations under the Tax  Office (, and the management and coordination of records with a Financial Agency (
  • Record-keeping of workers and working relations (applications, notices of termination, the change of working relations)
  • Payroll accounts and preparation of mandatory reports
  • The preparation of calculating the value added tax
  • Assembling income tax
  • The preparation of interim and annual financial reports


Tel: 00385(0)52/431-566

Fax: 00385(0)52/422-843

Adress: Partizanska 13, 52440 Poreč

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