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Company Adria Bonus in collaboration with IMG d.o.o. and backed by Adria consortium offers a highly professional consultative services and technical assistance in developing ideas and making proposals for the use of funds from the European Union. Expert assistance to the public and private entities provide certified project managers from our team (4 economist and 1 PhD) in order to successfully realise your projects, in accordance with the tender propositions.

Depending on the type of project Adria Bonus offers the following services:

1.  Determining the current status of projects

2. Development of the project to the PMC methodology used by the EU

3. Development of business plans as an important document for the tender application on the allocation of resources,

4. Business consulting in all phases of preparation for submission to use the funds to the phase of submitting an application for finance as per published tender

5. Monitoring of tendering and other specific information regarding programs

6. Realisation of necessary communication between representatives of the principal, and other local, regional and national authorities as well as other interested investors for the project

7. Organising talks and meetings as well as other forms of information exchange for all involved in the project

8. Gathering information from valid regulations, the media and other sources relevant to the project

9. The preparation of reports for the customer

10. Perform other tasks related to successfully managing the project

We are here to help make your idea become a high-quality and elaborate project ready for tender!

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