Business Consulting  

What services do business consulting jobs include?

Adria Bonus business consulting offers the following services:

–        preparation of business plans

        preparation of investment projects

–        preparation of investment analysis and studies

–        valuation of business entities

–        business analysis

–        preparation of business plans

–        preparation of development plans

–        preparation of marketing plans

–        program preparation for finanical recovery

–        services to help in the organisation of the company

–       feasibility studies

–      preparation of analysis of the financal structure (solvency, liquidity, working capital,     loans …)              plans    and finanical consolidation

–     establishing initial contacts with banks and potential investors 

–    negotiating on behalf of a client with banks and potential investors

Professional and highly qualified professionals with experience in managing business enterprises and individual business functions, guarantee quality of service provided to its users. In addition to employees Adria Bonus, if needed for more complex consulting tasks involve the external experts from the partner companies and Adria Consortium experts covering all profiles from all over Istria.


How to arrange jobs

These services are arranged in a simple way, the whole process begins with the client’s request followed by an interview to accurately determine the customer needs and if required, a specific analysis draft is created. Based on establised facts, Adria Bonus proposes a range of services, together with price and payment methods, which are not binding for the client. If the proposal is accepted contracts are then agreed and defined more precisely.

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