About us

Bonus Adria d.o.o is a new company founded in 2010, with trained and experienced employees.The company performs highly specialised tasks and provides services to external customers in the following fields.

  • Business consulting (business plans, investment studies, business analysis, development plans, company organisation etc.)
  • Investment consulting and investment management (finding investment projects of interest to investors, the analysis of the profitability of investments in certain projects and feasibility analysis, collection of other information for investors, management of investment projects for and on behalf of investors)
  • Consulting on the use of EU pre-accession funds and community funds (informing interested parties about the possibility of using EU funds, identifying opportunities to use certain funds, development projects using the PCM method, monitoring applications and registering those interested, filling in application documents)
  • brokerage in real estate (brokerage in selling real estate properties in Istria).
  • bookkeeping and accounting services for third parties (managing administrative books)
  • educating foreign students in the education center in collaboration with the business school of Višnjan

The company has four employees whom are university graduates (graduated in economics) and one employee with a college degree in economics.

Employees of the company are fluent in English, Italian and German.

The company cooperates with partner companies such as IMG doo, tetida doo, Aquarium Travel doo., which are all located in Porec and Adria consortium, which consists of a number of experts from differnet fields (engineers, architects, lawyers, economists and other experts).

The Company is located in Poreč, Partizanska 13.

Tel. 052 431 566

e-mail: info@adria-bonus.com